Sunday, May 3, 2009

Was his face born like that?


I think she is about 8. She lives in my neighborhood. She rode by on her bike while Bean and I sat in the sun in the front yard. She stopped and asked me what his name was.

"Hunter", I said.

She sat with us for about a half hour. Hunter Bean crawled around in the grass. He crawled up to her lap and stared up into her face. He was fascinated. Simply awed. She stared back.

She asked me a question without hesitation. "Was his face born that way?"

I said that it was.

She had noticed that his face was a little different. :D
He had noticed that her face was a little different. :D

Teesha is Black. :)

D said she came by this afternoon to see if Hunter could play in the front yard with her again.

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ashley&christy2001 said...

I just love the innocence of little children it is amazing!!