Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To My mother
To My Grandmother
And to You!

Because you are strong

Even when you’re not

Because you are always there

Especially when you can’t be

Because when people say, ‘How do you do it?’ you wonder, ‘How would I not?’

Because you can make everything better with a band-aid and a kiss

And because it nearly destroys you when you can’t

Because you laugh at knock-knock jokes that make no sense

Because you cry at the drop of a hat

Because you are terrified to let them go

And because you do

Because you haven’t eaten a hot meal in years

And because you’ve barely noticed

Because you know all the words to ‘hush little baby’

Or because you make them up

Because you’ve read the same bedtime story so many times

That you could do it in your sleep

And because sometimes you do

Because your kiss to a hot forehead is no less accurate than a thermometer

Because you know the power of ice cream

And the power of withholding it

Because you have eyes in the back of your head

Or at least they think you do

Because you know there is no finer art than what’s on your fridge

Because there is no limit to your love

But there are limits and rules and expectations in your home

Because in your eyes, every human being is another mother’s child

Because there is literally nothing you wouldn’t do to protect your babies

Because your babies may be 35, but they’re still your babies

Because they make you the best version of yourself

Especially when you feel like the worst

Because the phrase ‘full time mom’ strikes you as absurd

Because you can’t imagine what it would mean to be a ’part-time mom’

Because you are patient

Even when you’re not

Because you could watch your child sleep for hours

Because you see miracles in the smallest victories

And opportunities in every defeat

Because you would take all their pain if you could

And because you don’t

Because you can’t imagine life without them

Because you know and do and are so much more than you give yourself credit for

Because today is your day

Happy Mother’s Day

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