Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slacker! (Again)

So I have about 1.97 billion pictures on my camera that I need to upload to this here blog. I can only upload them from home as my work computer doesn't have a card reader. :(

Which means, when I'm at home on my day off and want nothing to do with my computer OTHER than a few hours of WoW time, I need to find a way to upload those pictures. I tend to put it off which leaves my blog in limbo because REALLY, what do I have to say that's important enough to post about? The most interesting posts are always new pics of the Hunter Bean. And I have some seriously fabulous pics waiting too...

Christine and I took the Kids to the Zoo one day. Fanfriggingtastic pics abound! I have some gooders of Hunt climbing the stairs, as it's his latest obsession. He laughs the whole way up, constantly shoulder checking to make sure you are still behind him in the event that he might lose his balance. Smart kid that one.

Got a few generic, Bean Around The House pics.
A few garden pics, and Sadly even a few cats pics that I intend to share. Soooo, I could use some encouragement to post these pics!!! Lament for the death of Motivation!


Chveya said...

I dunno, I think motivation might be a myth in the first place... But I would love to see more of the Hunter Bean!! SO GET ON IT SISTER! =)

DeeBomb said...


Pam said...

I NEED pictures!!