Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 4 - FIRED?

Not me.


Fired! FIRED !

I can't be happier.

Jordenne is going through some emotional and mental moments.

She is having some back and forth. She knew she was going to be fired and that is exactly what she wanted, because she was counting on the two weeks severance pay, but she is still a little upset by the whole thing.

This is only the second time in her life that she has ever been fired from a job.

You see, Jordenne's EX boss is a moron who has no idea how to run a business, is not properly involved in his businesses and is failing miserably at maintaining his businesses. So, as to not LOSE his business, he needed a scape goat.  Jordenne was his fallguy.  Head office wanted an explanation for the business and it's lacklustre performance so his explanation was that Jordenne was the problem.

So head office insisted that Jordenne be fired. What head office will soon learn is that Jordenne was NEVER the problem and that she was in fact keeping things together. Now that she is gone, the business will continue to fail and at a much faster rate and eventually the finger will be pointed to the REAL problem, and that problem is JOE.

Jordenne KNEW that the politics were in the works and that Joe was looking to fire her. The only mistake she made was in assuming that he would wait until after Christmas to fire her.   Instead, he fired her yesterday.

This has actually made things EASIER for everyone.

With Jordenne being fired AFTER Christmas, and my leaving my job on the 14th of December  it meant that we would have to do two separate moves. I wanted to be up in Sundre and settled before Christmas so the kids could have a nice holiday without moving boxes and chaos.

Jordenne wasn't able to move until AFTER Christmas.

Now, she has three and a half weeks to get herself organized before the move and we can move everything in one fell swoop.

Last night she spent a lot of time staring into space trying to understand it all. At one point she was asking if she manifested and orchestrated all of this.
I told her there was absolutely no way that she had orchestrated this happenstance.

He boss is a moron, has always been a moron and is completely oblivious as to how to properly run a business. He doesn't actually show up to the office to work, he can't properly maintain the vehicles and the tools that his employees use, he bounces rent checks, pay checks, and basically, is barely keeping his head above water. Over the last few weeks, the lady from head office had started looking into the problems that HIS particular franchise was having and was asking Joe questions and poking around.  All of it was out of Jordenne's hands, and as the MANAGER of the business, all the problems COULD be attributed to Jordenne with EASE.

The fact that Jordenne increased sales for Joe over the last year was ignored. She was given a raise and offered a bonus at the beginning of the year, a bonus that Joe NEVER paid her. Everyone of the employees who works there for Joe was in tears when Jordenne left and even the accountant texted her to tell her that he fought for her right up to the last minute and that he was very upset that Joe had decided to fire Jordenne.

I can see why all of this is a little upsetting for Jordenne.  She is a stellar employee and a very hard worker, with passion and commitment.

She was fired without cause, given her last checks and two weeks severance and was told she could keep the car that was given to her for personal reasons, which is in her name.

The first thing her boss told her when he walked in the room was, "I have these checks for you."
When Jordenne told me that, I laughed so hard. Seemed like Joe was VERY aware of what he was doing, So he handed Jordenne her checks, Said here is some money, I am firing you. Cowardly.

But again, this is actually for the best, because Jordenne is going to use the next three weeks to get her ass organized and packed and we will rent a uhaul and move everything all at once. Christmas in Sundre this year and she wont be alone in Calgary for the Holidays!

Today Jordenne texted me at 8 am. "This is so weird. Not having a job and having it not be my choice. Just weird."

What made me chuckle is that she is still UP and out of bed before 8 am....

I told her if she needs work she can clean my house today in exchange for a hot meal.

I love you J.  This will be the best adventure ever.

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