Tuesday, December 2, 2008



So! We have a lot of fun with Hunter some days!

I was singing and talking to him one night when he was fairly tired and I was talking about the cats I think. I must have been, because I meowed at him, innocently. He burst into tears. Now, DAD, seems to find pleasure in making Hunter do the big fat lip, near tears face, so when I showed him the Meow reaction he decided to have a little fun.

I always enjoy filming David and the Bean together. Dave simply adores Bean and you can just see how much they love playing together.

Here are a few more newer pics of Hunter. He's getting SO BIG!

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Chveya said...

Sadie just did the big huge tears at the meow. Just this very minute, Mark was making all sorts of funny sounds at her and them when he meowed she burst into tears. I thought, wierd, why don't babies like meows I wonder...