Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok. So I admit it. Im having a hell of a time keeping up the blog. It's terrible cause I really enjoy writing here but I cant seem to find 20 mins a day to write a little blurb. So I vow to make an honest effort! The first thing I would like to do is share a few new videos of Hunter, who is getting sooooo big! Then I will take some pics of the house once I have the Tree up, which I would like to do this week.

I have also decided that I would like to seriously invest some time into Scrapbooking. My mom set me up with everything I need to start a Scrapbook of Hunter Bean but I haven't really had anywhere to work on it or much free time. But I was in Michael's Crafts yesturday and I started to get excited about different ideas I had. I would like to start a baby book and a family book. One for all Beans stuff and one with pics of all of us camping, on vacations, halloween, Etc.

So here I go! The bean is on the couch napping and I have a few minutes! First I'm going to start by cleaning the living room and getting the tree out! Then I'll up load the pics and videos from my camera and post them! Wish me luck!

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