Friday, September 19, 2008

The Grass is always Greener!

Well after the rant about being lazy I had A moment to think and realized that I actually am proud of some of the hard work I do around the house.  I wanted to share my herb garden, which has out done itself!

I have bunches of chives and one garlic chives. There are two different kinds of sage, a beautiful Silver thyme plant which is my favorite, two Lemon balm plants that actually started as one lil baby lemon balm, two rosemary and a wicked little pepper plant that is growing two nice sized peppers at the moment.  The main reason I'm so proud of these plants is that I've never been much of a green thumb and i got all these plants on sale at the Super store.  Sam and I thought they wouldn't really make it that long but we brought them home to give them a chance and they have done amazingly well. The lemon balm was a small lil bit of a plant and I split it in two to fit it in the strawberry planter I originally bought for them. Now it's over growing a 20 inch pot and the second plant is just flourishing in its planter box.   :D 

I also have three huge mint plants and two lavender plants in the back yard that I will trim and use for tea and the bath.   YAY!  I can grow pretty babies and plants that live! 

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