Friday, October 26, 2012

I Think I'm back

Well, I sorta lost the blog bug for a while there.

Life was crazy, kids kept me busy, work kept me employed and financially afloat, but a lot has changed since I last made an effort to maintain my blog.

Let's make a short list of things that have changed!

1. Got my dreads back again in Feb
2. Got my drivers Licence in May
3. Became single last year
4. Moved into a kick ass Basement suite with the Kidlets
5. Share custody with the Ex on a week on week off basis giving me more time for Wicked Jess Adventures
6. Went to North Country Fair and had my mind blown


And here is a TINY Glimpse at North Country Fair.  I MAY Post more pics.. But I don't want to join the Witness protection program...  And to answer your question, NO, I have NO idea who this quazi Waxed, Fully high Ron Burgundy Wanna be is.

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