Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Fun With Alex and Livvie!

Ps! Erin is looking SWEET lately!
Keep Working hard Erin! You look Great!

Here is Olivia in the front of the stroller and Phoenix is hiding in the back.
The girls didn't do much sledding.
I, however, will forever owe poor little Livvie anything she ever asks for, as I made a silly mommy mistake and put her on a little sled with Hunter and sent them down the slope together.
Hunter did the old left hand lean and sent the two of them face first into the snow.
For Hunter this wasn't such a big deal because he is a tank and a bruiser but for poor Princess Livvie it was fairly traumatic to do a faceplant in the snow.
I'm so sorry Livviekins!

Here is Alex who hit a HUGE jump on his first run down the hill!
We Cheered so loud!
Way to go Alex!
Olympic Bobsled Champ 2022!

And As Always!
Mr. Bean!
Looking handsome and smiley!
He sure has gotten super good at sledding, going down the hill all by himself!
GO Hunter GO!
Lastly, Hunter was so exhausted by the end of our sledding adventure that he passed out IN the wagon on the walk home. We live 2 blocks from the park and Hunt was asleep before we even got a 1/4 of a block from the park!
I laughed so hard when I saw him like this.
Funniest thing I've seen in WEEKS!


Pam said...

Oh my gosh - every picture Hunter just gets cuter!!

Did you get the package???

We are in Portland.
Love you

DeeBomb said...

OMG JESS! Bean is so sweet all passed out...made me giggle for sure,
I may be buying a car this weekend so....come Visit???
<3 your face