Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Trip to the Urban Treehouse

My GF Erin and I took the kids to Airdrie to the
Urban Treehouse for a bit of an outing the other day.
We ladies do everything we can to maintain our sanity amongst all the diapers and spit up.
The Urban Treehouse is a Kids Play place / Mommy Coffee house.
Breast Feeding Friendly.
I really enjoyed taking the kids there. They have a cute little treehouse to climb in and on with a spiral slide!
There is a little stage and a costume cupboard.
Alex got right into the train table and Erin and I relished the leather arm chairs.
We didn't even have time for a puppet show, arts and crafts or fishing!

I can't even TELL you how helpful Sam was that day!
He kept Alex busy with a game of tag, was constantly checking on Hunter and helped carry the little girls around as well as shouldering a diaper bag or two!
Thank you Sam!
I love you My friend!

Alex and Thomas!
He is VERY serious!

My Lil Bird sleeping through all the action.

Livvie Playing with a sleeping Phoenix.


Hunter was picking up chicks in his hotrod!

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Chveya said...

hahaha! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!