Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wow I'm Terrible!

The Summer is NOT Conducive to Blogging!

Too much fun stuff has gone on in the last few months and I am finding it hard to find time to sit down and blog. Between Work, 17 month old Bean who is officially walking, visiting new and old friends, getting ready for the NEW baby... A woman Got her hands full!

Sooo.... here is a run down of the Newest News.

* I am 30 weeks Preggers! I have my first OBGYN Appointment on the 21st of September.
I'm due to "Calf Out" as David calls it, on November 26th roughly. I have to talk with my OBGYN about Vaginal Delivery VS C-Section. When I had Hunter I had an Emergency C-Section so I'm not sure what my best option is this time around. I must admit that I am Pissing my pants scared about going through labor again!

* I cut all my dreads off... so now I have uber short hair. I really like it. It's free and relaxed and low maintenance. Contrary to what I THOUGHT, Dreads are NOT low maintenance.

* About 2 weeks ago my BFF told me she is up the stump (Newfy Slang for Pregnant)! She is due to have her baby on the same day Hunter was born, April 2nd. So a big Yippy Doo Daw to Dan and her Uterus!

* My Girly Friend Queen Andrea's Little Princess Asha Turned one last week! Happy Birthday Princess Asha bean!

* Baby Bean has an appointment to have his tonsils and Adenoids removed on September 29th! Wish us luck as I am scared for the little guy. He is such a toughy but this will be a stressful event. Dad hasn't got the heart to see his little babes in any pain, so I get the privilege of spending the night in the hospital with the Baby Bean. I so nervous.

* We have decided to drive to Vancouver for Christmas this year so that the Brothers Grim can meet the new baby and we can see Nana and Granddad's fancy new renovations. It's a 12 hour drive but we have a fancy new truck to travel in and Dave loves driving.

* Last week we took Sam to the World Skills Competition 2009.

Every two years, hundreds of the best young professionals from trades, service and technical programs around the world gather to showcase their talents and abilities. This thrilling, high-performance, four day WorldSkills Competition is the biggest event of its kind in the world.

We thought this was a great opportunity for Sam to learn about the various trades available to him as he grows into an adult. Here is a link to a short article that I read on the bus the other day about skilled trades and careers in Canada.

"Here’s a question: Which career averages a six-figure salary while guaranteeing employers across the country will climb over each other to hire you?

If you answered skilled trades, pat yourself on the back for getting something right that most Canadians tends to get wrong.

Skills Canada polls have shown that 60 per cent of young people say their parents have not encouraged them to consider a career in trades."

Living in Calgary... It would be crazy NOT to encourage a Career in Skilled Trades. Dave has an excellent job as both a Journeyman and a Foreman in the Sheet Metal industry and will forever have work in this Country. The demand for men with the credentials and work ethic that Dave has is never ending. He is smart, reliable, trained and hardworking.

* My Newest addiction is to which is a website dedicated to discussions about unsolved or ongoing investigations. Ie. Casey Anthony in Florida who is being charged with the murder or her 2 year old daughter, or JonBenet Ramsay. It's mostly just a bunch of forums that are open for discussion on various topics and areas of these cases. It keeps me busy reading and I'm enjoying the sleuthy aspect. :D Nosiness FTW!

* Gramma will be happy to hear that Dave and I have been watching Till Debt Do Us Part lately and have adopted Gail's method of budgeting. We have started a weekly CASH ONLY budget for everything and are committed to paying off our debts ASAP. This is going to save us and incredible amount of money and make planning for the future more feasible.

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