Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September! Where have I been?

Well, this will be my second post for September. I am totally disappointed that I have dropped the Blogball. I suspect that the summer, being pregnant, having a toddler who finally toddles, preparing for maternity leave and work have all attributed to my complete lack of blogging skills. I suspect this is probably my 10th apology for being a slacker! lol

Well, As another update, I went to the OBGYN on Monday and I spoke with her about the best course of action as far as labor/delivery goes. The problem I was facing was my concern for Hunter when I go into labor because I really NEED Dave by my side when I have to go into the hospital, but we don't really have anyone who I can count on 100% to take Hunter at the drop of a hat when I finally go into labor. My momma has quite a bit of time off in November, which if we KNEW for a fact what day the baby was coming, then she could be here to take Hunty while Dave and I are in Hospital. The Doc/OBGYN asked if I was preferential to having another C-section or a vaginal Delivery. I told her I honestly didn't care but as far as the life/scheduling issue goes, the C-Section makes the most sense. So, We scheduled a C- Section for November 18th at 8am! This works out perfect for My Momma's schedule because she has from the 17th - 26th of November off work. She will Fly in on the 17th and be there to watch Hunty and meet the new baby right away. The Doc mentioned that if the baby does come early I still have the option of a C-Section, I just have to go to the hospital and tell them that I have one scheduled and they will do the C-Section right away. OR, should I want to have a vaginal birth if the baby comes early, then I can do that too.

I'm happy that is all straightened out. I am still going to pack my bags for the hospital in case of an early arrival. I am also thinking I should have a bag of Bean's clothes, snacks, diapers and things packed for him as well so that if need be a friend or Aunt or someone can come get him from the hospital. In the even of an Early arrival that is!

OMG it's coming soon!

I was talking to my mom about the decision to have another C-Section. I told her I didn't need to have a vaginal birth to feel fulfilled as a woman and a mother. We got a chuckle out of that. But it's true, I really don't need to feel the baby come tearing out of me, screaming and pushing and all that jazz to know and feel like a mother. Dave is not looking forward to the whole hospital experience, as it seems to traumatize him. It's inevitable tho. I keep telling him "At least YOU don't have to feel any pain!"

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