Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation Here We Come!

The Bean Packed his Suitcase to go to G and G's!
Apparently, he was ready to go without any clothes!

"We leaving yet Momma?"

On the Road!
I <3 B.C.

We found out that Hunty loves him some Cheesies!

Ok... Ew!

Driving into Radium.

The hoodoos on the way to Cranbrook.
They are always so pretty!

G and G have their own Herd of Deer it seems.
They think there are about a dozen or so that wander in and around there area.
There was one Momma that we saw feeding two little fawns.
I took this pics through the screen door so as not to startle them.
I apologize for the blur.

Daddy and Beany having a big breaky before we head out to Fort Steele for the day.

G and G making up a breakfast big enough for an army!

Sam looking lively in the morning!

"Enough Pics Already Mom! You coming to eat?"

Great Grandpa and the Bean!

If you take a look in the background you can see the chaos this tiny man can do!

My favorite pictures!
Daddy and Beanzors having an afternoon nap!

"I has Trucks!"


"I am SOOO ready for my push now please!"

Young Mr. Caleb.
Caleb is my cousins Son. He is 4 and totally cute!
He came with us to the park for Canada Day.

We needed a coffee before the festivities so we headed to the Safeway where you are always guaranteed to find a Starbucks!

The boys hit it off instantly!

Ohhh... I wanted cute little Canada Day shirts for Hunter and Caleb but was
unsuccessful in finding one small enough for Hunt!
But we got a really kick ass shirt for Caleb for 3$ at the Giant Tiger!

Here is Caleb with his Nana.
Nana is my Aunty Lori.
She has a son my age who I grew up with nearly attached at the hip.
Jason now lived in Vancouver with his wife and young son Ty who is pretty much a spitting image of Jason.
Caleb is my Cousin Kirsten's son. Jason's sister.
I'll draw a family tree later.


Here we have Nana and the Bean lounging on the grass!


Some of the musicians who performed for the festivities.

Ran into ManWoman!
He's a sweet heart.
ManWoman went to school in Cranbrook with my Grandparents although I think they are a few years older. My family has known his family for many years.
He is a wonderfully creative and peaceful soul.
He is inked in Swastikas to promote change in the way people see and understand the swastika.
"It is our aim to detoxify the swastika.
Its original meaning is the auspicious blessing at the source of life"

"Give me that darn camera Momma! Sit down and have some fun already!"

LoL! These are great! Hunter really liked Caleb, and poor Caleb didn't know what to think!

Here is baby girl Teagan!
She is my cousin Lindy's baby girl.

Check out the Roxie Sandals!

Here is Lindy with Teagan.
We were so lucky to see her there at the park.
Quite a lovely surprise.

I needed a pic of these two standing beside each other.
Teagan is 6 months and Hunter is 15 months and he is MAYBE 1 inch taller!

The Cutest Roxie Sandals EVER!

Teagan ate some grass.

Our new friend Nevin.

Caleb loves the Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band!

They did put on a great presentation!
Caleb was glued to the performance!

He He He!
Nevin being silly and playing peek-a-boo behind his stroller.

Rocking out!


Very Yum!

Nana Pam with Hunter and Nana Dana with Nevin.

OMG! If there is one thing I know it is that Kids LOVE Goldfish!
I brought out a small cup of Goldfish and I had four kids swarm me as if they hadn't been fed in DAYS!

"Mom, I sure hope you have more Goldfish somewhere!"

Here are the Four Generations!
Great Gramma Pauline, Me, Hunter, and Nana!

Heading back to Calgary with Nana!

Hunt finally decided to sleep, but only after we realised that he was STARVING and on the verge of dying from STARVATION!
Thank heavens for Mcdonalds.

Finally, we saw a black bear meandering across the road in the park!

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ashley&christy2001 said...

These pictures are awesome, Bean seems to be alittle ham when it comes to camera the faces he is making in some of them crack me up, seems like he has a huge personality. I love the one of your hubs and him asleep that is such a precious moment. Did you happen the guy in the yellow outfit were I could purchase one of those magnificent outfits he is too cool.