Thursday, July 9, 2009


Stampede 2009

Yeee Haw!
Daddy gets tickets to the Rodeo for the Calgary Stampede every year.
Last year Beany was just widdle and we just had regular tickets.
Here is Teeny Peeny Beany at Stampede 2008

He was so cute in Daddy's hat!
This year Daddy got the wicked awesome Infield Tickets again.
The first time I ever went to the Calgary Stampede Rodeo was in 2007 with Evad.
We had Infield tickets that year too and all I could say for nearly a month after that day was "I love Cowboys!"
Infield is the only way to go!
I loved that day!
I wore the prettiest white dress and a straw cowboy hat. I was still slim and trim, and if I am correct in my calculations, that was the day that we were gifted with Mr. Bean. :)
I was so crazy mad for David too! I had just an amazing time!

Wait.. What are Infield tickets, you ask?

Well they are the best frigging seats in the house!

Here is the view from my seat looking STRAIGHT down.
You can see Dave's toes. There is no one in front of us and right below us are the shoots!

Every year we have these seats I get mud flung up at me during the Bull riding!

I don't know if you can see much in this picture above. The gray bull on the left was the largest bull there. It was over 2000lbs. The damned thing BARELY fit in the shoot. His nose was mashed up to the bars on one end and his butt was so smunched in at the other end that he was pooping into the stall behind him!

We weren't allowed to have camera's so I was sneaking pics. I would have taken more but Dave would have chided me!

Ha Ha!
Here we have Beany, sleeping through the rodeo!
There were announcers and a big stereo system blaring and he's passed out.
Dave has his hand over his one ear here because it was SO loud, but.. he still slept.

LoL.. Bean Missed a fair bit of action. But at least he got a good nap in.

Poof! He's Awake!

This kid amazes me! He is so smart!
He saw Daddy and I holding on the loops on the bus and there just happened to be one in his little arm's reach. That boy catches on quick I tell you!

Well, I apologise now for the lack of pictures. I honestly was expecting to return to Stampede with some friends this week but that didn't pan out. It's a nightmare for anyone with a stroller and I can't be carrying Hunty on my back like daddy. He is too heavy for a pregnant woman to be hauling around all day. I didn't take many pics because I left my battery charger at my Grandma house and I was running the battery into the red as it was so I was trying to use it sparingly.

Nana will lament to hear that they renovated the Round Up Center area where they have the Trade show. Now, in the Western Art Show area there is a lovely sort of garden with a wine garden smack in the middle. Fountains all lit up and trickling. There were Quilts Galore and knitting!
Oh to be able to have a glass of red wine while I wander around looking at prize winning Quilts and Knits! I'm sorry you couldn't be there Nana! We miss you already!


Chveya said...

He is so Fricken cute!!!

ashley&christy2001 said...

Too smart Bean, that is pretty awesome. He is such a happy little fellow, every picture he is all smiles