Thursday, August 27, 2009

Globalfest Fireworks

We took the kids to see the Global fest Fireworks on Tuesday night. They were SUPPOSED to start at 10 pm so we arrived at 9:30 after a night of shopping and running around. There was absolutely NO WHERE to park as all the side streets were road blocked by the police and there was no parking AT Elliston Park. By the time we got close enough to the park it was 9:30 on the dot and the fire works had started. I was very unimpressed, but Dad managed to drive around the neighbourhood and found us a back alley across from the park where we had a decent view of the fire works. AND, to add insult to injury, a train came through our path right at the Grande Finale of the Fire works. Not only did it drown out the music but it was a double stacked train and it blocked half the view!

Ha Ha I Scared Dad!
Bean slept through the whole thing.
It was 9:30 when the started so he was pretty pooped!

Ps.. Dad is so handsome with his bald head and his big blueberry eyes!

Can you see the train cars on the bottom?

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